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Video / Audio Editing


LOGO & Branding

Web & App Design


SEO & Google Ads

Interactive Installation Design

Interior Design

Social Media

CAD Drawings


Abstract or Narrative?

Perfect for Adverts & Presentations!

Our 3D Designers are experts in creating multidimensional simple assets or videos to offer a real-life perspective to your audience or clientele.

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Yellow Armchair
Electronic Circuit Board

Smart Systems Design

The fusion between Art & Tech

Sensors are so much fun! We deliver high functionality intelligent and integrated systems and we make them stand out through innovative design. When working with live data and cloud, user experience usually gets forgotten. Not with us! UX & UI can "make it or break it" in terms of how successful a product/system will be, so we perform extensive tests, we prototype and we always design with the user in mind.

Create the system that works for your business!

Interactive? Immersive? Or both?

Commercial Interior &
Display Design

Build Your Image

If you are a public facing type of business it is very important to communicate your concept through physical visual channels. We’ve got you covered. Boost your business and your brand, and don’t let potential customers pass you by. With our strong business and marketing background formed within the Hospitality and Retail areas, we are always on point "catering" directly to your customers expectations.

We will help you with all that you need to materialise your concept from the beginning or to retain existing clients and prospect new ones to grow your business even further. We work with top suppliers from Eastern Europe as well as from the UK to insure exceptional quality for great prices.

Are you looking for a Multimedia Digital Design Agency?

We offer the A-Z of creativity and we love what we do!

Drop us an e-mail and we will get in touch to discuss your ideas and to start planning!

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